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Farmers handpicking Paromi Tea leaves
Healthy, Delicious Full-Leaf Teas
Our hand-picked, full-leaf teas come from the finest tea estates around the world. They deliver complex, nuanced flavors and pack maximum health benefits.

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Expertly blended ingredients of the highest quality.
Expertly Blended Ingredients
Our teas are carefully crafted in small batches to achieve the ideal combination of flavors and aromas. Each tea is perfectly balanced to indulge your senses.

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Paromi's glass jar protects our full leaf tea bags
Packaged for Perfection
Our glass jar, a Paromi Tea signature, ensures the tea reaches you as fresh, fragrant, and flavorful as the day it was crafted.

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15 Full Leaf Tea Bags

Cool and invigorating peppermint combined with gunpowder green tea delivers a healthy, soothing brew.
Earl Grey
15 Full Leaf Tea Bags

All earl grey teas are not created equal. Our handpicked Assam black tea combined with the finest bergamot oil yields the ultimate batch of this classic brew.
Paradise Mate
15 Full Leaf Tea Bags

Traditional yerba mate with a gentle twist. This invigorating tonic is enhanced with rooibos, fruit pieces, and flowers.




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Enjoy a burst of sunshine as you sip the bouquet of exotic flavors.


A favorite since the days of the Song Dynasty, our classic Jasmine features hand-picked, organic green tea from the Longkou Organic Tea Farm in Guangxi China.


Raspberry Swirl features hand-picked, organic white tea from China. The young leaves and buds have a whitish appearance; the flavor is subtle, yet complex, and has an inherent sweetness.


This perfect “wind me down” herbal tea is a collaboration of gentle calming herbs that has been brewed for centuries.

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